kankuro is from the sand village he is the older brother of gaara the kazakage and the littel brother of temari they are apart of the ninja force he along with other ninja like naruto fight the akatsuki or orchimaru and his forces he is a skilled puppeteer like chiyo he has been in many battels he has fought sakon/ukon in sasuke retrival arc then ryugan in the ultiame weapon arc he is seen in battel with sasori but lost and he fought sasuke .

sasuke retrival arcEdit

he saved kiba from sakon/ukon by traping him in black ant he thought he had killed him but he appers again in anthonr arc will he is done first temari has defeated tayuya with wind reales but tayuyua survived and appers again then gaara is with lee are being beaten by kimimaro but he isto weak and fallen from a dasseses he is saved by anthony and appers in anthonr arc

kazake summitEdit

he along with temari and gaara are gong to meet all the 5 great nations in a meeting discussing the askataki he has a secret weapon a new body he arrives late and they go to the meeting were it begins he drows his new puppet out when the ;and of ligthnigs leader smashes a table but he puts when he apoligise a lare explosins happens were he and gaara and temari and others run to see what happen sauke and his crew havbe invaded he unmasked his puppet to be sasoris body[he traveled to the cave were sakura and chiyo fought and took his body] he attacke sasuke but faild to his new powers he and gaara are seen telling kakashi what happen then leaving he later appers in the anthony arc were he fight sakon and ryugan.